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Our intermodal freight services involves the use of multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, truck, air, etc.), to get to the final destination. This seamless transportation service reduces cargo handling, improves security, reduces damages and loss. It may also allow freight to be transported faster.

Our intermodal operations team is fully equipped to provide our customers with multiple options when we manage door-to-door shipments. The various options will allow shippers to analyze costs and transit times to make better logistic decisions.

Rail service is becoming faster and more reliable. Intermodal is gradually chipping away at the time advantage that over-the-road trucks have long enjoyed. Higher fuel prices are driving more freight onto the rails, where operating costs are already lower. As a result, hauls of 500 to 600 miles are now being considered serious candidates for intermodal.


  • Cross-dock (transloading) warehouse operations
  • All-motor (truck) services
  • Team drivers for priority services
  • Motor-Rail (combines truck and rail) services
  • Barges operations
  • Airfreight services

Looking for International Freight Forwarders in Melbourne, We Are Your People!

Our intermodal shipping, freight services involve the multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, truck, air, etc.), to encourage the ultimate international freight from Melbourne. This type of seamless international shipping and the services of freight and transportation service can be used to reduce the bulking of payload handling, improving security, reducing the occurred damages and loss. It should additionally enable the international shipping and freight for the quicker response of transporting goods via international freight forwarders in Melbourne.

Considered as the reliable international shipping company in Melbourne, our intermodal operations team is equipped to give our customers with various options after the management of door-to-door shipments. These options can be enabled to ship to browse the prices and calculate the transit time to keep a tab on creating higher supplying choices when you opt for the services of international shipping companies in Melbourne.

One should research on various services laid out by other agencies offering for international freight in Melbourne with the intermodal services as per the correct selection of your internal shipment services.
One should look out for certain things to put on a deciding factor when deciding whether or not intermodal may be a smart fit for your international shipment and freight services.

1. Look out for the weight of the shipment, the intermodal transportation is best suited for the intermediate and finished product in load units for up to twenty-five tons.

2. The longer the gap a cargo has to travel, the additional probably that intermodal is going to be a decent selection. Freight moving over three hundred miles, or longer than someday by truck, square measure nice candidates for intermodal transportation.

3. Cargo with intermediate values is possibly to be captive via intermodal. Those with high values square measure usually sent via the foremost direct ways, like air payload, and low-value shipments often travel via rail or ocean.

4. Intermodal transportation may be a large choice once payload flow has to be continuous and in similar quantities. For instance, while choosing the multiple shipments for a location with a dedicated tenure, one should opt for intermodal services with the aim of international shipping and freight services.

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